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There are 23 posts in my ‘Drafts’ folder right now, all at different levels on the scale of ‘Ready to Post’ . Some of them are practically done, just sitting pretty waiting for the perfect time to schedule and post. Some are just my unorganised thoughts with a really informative title explaining what I want the post to eventually be. In these cases Present Me would like to sincerely thank Past Me for the foresight and helpfulness. And the others? The others have really crappy titles like “India” and contains a random string of words that just make me wonder what the heck I was thinking about when I originally began tapping away.

The “India” post I just mentioned currently looks like this:

At the centre
Food and goats
Gareth Bale
July wedding

Yep, I have no idea what’s going on there either. But even though it’s just nonsense I can’t bring myself to delete it because it could be the beginnings of what will eventually become a work of literary genius. You never know.

Despite those 23 posts and the endless ideas floating around in the part of my brain reserved for blogging, I currently have nothing to write about.

I’ve noticed a trend of similar statements on quite a few blogs by bloggers from a variety of different genres and niches, all saying there are times they just hit a wall in terms of creativity and inspiration.

And I think I’ve recently taken a running jump straight into that wall.

I’ve just had nothing to write about. Which, as the ‘owner’ of a predominantly-travel focused blog, I don’t think is something I’m supposed to say.

I should be reeling out endless posts about these places you absolutely must visit featuring a bunch of droolworthy photos of blue lakes and blonde girls in bikinis. I should be telling everyone how effing awesome travel is and how everyone should quit their job right now and buy a one-way ticket to Mongolia. I should be out every day and every night tickling my tastebuds with all the local delicacies then putting them on Instagram to rub in people’s faces.

I should be doing all of the above and more, but what I’m actually doing is watching Charlie & The Chocolate Factory one too many times because Indian TV loves a bit of Johnny Depp.

Carl hit the nail on the head in his post The Truth About Travel Blogging in saying that due to his metaphorical working 9-5 lifestyle (stress on the metaphorical; as much as I do occasionally give off crazy-stalker vibes, I don’t actually know his daily routine) he can’t blog every day and “won’t always have new stories to tell“.

And although I’m currently living a life of travel and on paper my mind should be brimming over with exciting stories and tales to tell, the same can be said for me.

I haven’t done anything exciting in at least the last three weeks since I got back from Goa. I’ve stayed in the same city, ate basically the same food day in day out (McDonald’s cheesy Mexican fries are the one!) and spent way too much time marvelling at the price of toothbrushes in the local supermarkets. But as cheap as toothbrushes may be (seriously, they’re like 20p each, it’s mad!) I don’t think they’d make a very interesting blog. Also, the word ‘toothbrushes’ just sounds off to me and I keep wanting to say ‘teethbrush’ instead which I know is not a real word but I don’t think I know how to speak English anymore.

The most exciting thing to have happened to me is that I got my eyes dilated at an eye hospital and had to spend the rest of the day channelling my inner celebrity by wearing shades indoors and avoiding all lights. That was the same day I discovered what is possibly the nicest carbonated soft drink on this planet! Think apple tango but with more apple and no weird aftertaste.

So basically what I’ve now done is written a post saying I’ve done nothing worth writing about, but in writing said post I’ve written about them anyway. Good job, me.

I can’t even blame the season and the dark, gloomy weather on lack of inspiration and drive as I’ve seen a few others do, because I’m still in Kerala which I swear has an eternal summer and is constantly 30º and roasting. So yeah, no Winter blues for me.

As I mentioned at the start of this pretty pointless piece of writing, I have 23 semi-written posts in need of a little TLC, so now I know you’re all thinking why the heck don’t I just stop moaning about not having any fresh inspo and crack on with them?!

I’m not a very organised person in real life, I’m not a particularly neat person and I’m not too bothered about keeping things in an orderly fashion. But when it comes to my blog, I’m kind of a little bit obsessed with continuity.

When I’m in the middle of a nice little stream of India-related posts, a guide on how to get to Tikal will just throw the whole thing and make me want to pull my hair out. Which is saying a lot because I’m quite fond of my hair. I don’t mind veering slightly off track, as I’m doing right now, but Guatemalan Rhiannon and Indian Rhiannon are really quite different and as such should probably be kept at a safe distance from each other.

Also, I’ve been really lazy when it comes to my featured images recently and have just been using random photos from India even when they have no relevance to the topic of the post (such as this one), which has led to me having an accidental Indian theme around these parts which tbh I’m kind of loving and don’t want to stop.

I will eventually get around to finishing up all 23 posts and more and share my adventures from Colombia, Mexico and Guatemala, all of which are conspicuously absent from le blog despite them all being absolutely incredible, but for now the best you’re going to get is a few angsty posts from my last few days here in India about how much I don’t want to leave India. Because despite my many, many grumblings, I do absolutely adore this country.



  1. I think that’s the best bit about not having a really fixed niche – if I restricted myself to travel-related posts that metaphorical wall would’ve beaten me by now, but since I don’t I just turn to other topics instead! Enjoy the rest of your time in India and look forward to reading about your other adventures in due course 🙂

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Oh trust me, if I had your baking ability I most certainly wouldn’t be restricting myself to just travel!
      Thanks! 😀 I’m looking forward to eventually getting around to writing them!

  2. Hey, you do you. Still one of my favourite blogs out there. I wish I was as organised and scheduled as yourself and your content and musings still rock.

    The thing that got me so riled up was the story of an Australian travel Instagramer who was having her account ‘copied’, with a different person appearing in almost identical snaps. It transpires that they’re actually friends and the whole thing was a ploy to get more followers and create a bit of a viral story. The things people do for fame drive me insane – people like this take the limelight away from hard working bloggers or people with a genuine passion for travel (rather than viral stories) just to patch up their insecurities. Check out the story (I swear I do not read the daily fail, let alone the Femail page… This was a google search, I swear).

    Anyhow, 9-5? I wish. I’m working 14 hour days Mon, Tue, Wed… Haha.. All for Icelandic spending money though so I can’t complain! 😀 Dreaming of holidays is all that gets me through these long days at work… That and reminiscing on holidays past. You could say I spend most of my working day in a dream like state… Lol

    Glad there’s more to come from you and I look forward to your new content!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Hahaha organised, me?! Nnoooo way. You got the wrong fella there Carl!
      Oh my days YES!! I’ve been following that whole thing (although through much more reputable news sources than the Daily Mail – Buzzfeed for example!) and it has made me sooo damn angry! I honestly do not understand how either of those girls or their boyfriends thought that whole plan was a good idea. Sure, they’ve probably got a lot more followers now but nobody’s ever going to really take them seriously again or trust them.
      You know what, I thought as much just as I was typing that sentence but I’m too much of a Dolly Parton fan to let it slide. Does anybody actually work 9 to 5 anymore?! Ahhh so jealous you’re going to Iceland!

  3. i can totally relate. Have so many unfinished posts in my drafts folder, some with the most ridiculous and incoherent thoughts. One day I’ll get to them, at least they serve as a good distraction if i hit a wall with another topic. P.S. I’m enjoying browsing your site!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      So glad to see I’m not the only one who does this!!
      Thanks for visiting! I had a little look around yours earlier too but then had to shoot off so looking forward to exploring a bit more tonight! 🙂

  4. I feel like this every now and then (currently now). I’ve been unwell and made 78 drafts in a similar way which I now feel very overwhelmed by! I think your blogging mojo will come back soon, the key thing I guess is not to force yourself, it will happen when it happens! – Amy x

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Aw, sorry to hear you’ve been unwell! Hope you’re on the mend now 🙂 Fingers crossed! I’m hoping it’ll be back by the time I get home on the weekend or else my days will be filled with unemployed nothingness! x

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