travelling on a budget


You’ve read about them in the You Won’t Believe It! section of Pick Me Up magazine (if such section exists…). You’ve seen them sat by the side of the road, a battered old piece of cardboard in one hand with their thumb shoved out to entice any old car – with or without serial killer at the wheel – to stop. And you know what? You’ve probably met one at some point if you’ve ever found yourself staying at a hostel with questionable safety and/or hygiene. So who exactly am I talking about? Those elusive creatures, They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named,  the ones who have broken free of the anchor-like constraints of modern-day life, otherwise known as the unicorns of the travel world*… the people who travel for free. Without spending any money. *They’re definitely not called that, I made it up.  You may not even know such jammy b%@#$!s exist if you haven’t yet…