There are two places on this planet that immediately spring to mind when someone talks about real-life fairytale locations. One is Neuschwanstein Castle (of course), and the other is Slovenia’s Lake Bled. Located just a few hours drive from the capital of Ljubljana, Lake Bled is bordered by the town of Bled, home of Bled Castle. The lake also happens to be the nesting place of a cosy little island which is, of course, named Bled Island. They’re just one big, happy family of Bleds. There’s also the apparently world-famous Bled cream cake for you to try if you get a little peckish. I say apparently not because I doubt it’s level of fame but because I’d personally never heard of it before visiting Slovenia and, you know, I’m somewhat of a cake connoisseur. Meaning I may have been known to eat a whole share size box of Morrison’s profiteroles to myself……