If there’s one thing I’m definitely not, it’s fashionable. Unless you call wearing the same 2 pairs of jeans on rotation, accompanied by a variety of different Harry Potter and Game of Thrones branded t-shirts, and a pair of my little sister’s battered old converse fashionable. Which, let’s be real, most of the world doesn’t. My idea of dressing nicely is ironing (or having someone else iron) my clothes, swapping the Converse for pumps and maybe putting a pair of earrings in. And to support my claims even further, I’m ashamed to confess that until very recently I thought culottes were a style of shoes. Considering all of the above, can you understand the level of shockwaves that ran through my body when the lovely guys over at Miss Tunica offered to send me something from their collection for my trip to Goa? I was so shocked, in fact, that…