Sri Lanka, I’m here.

Sri Lanka is a hot country. Like, a really hot country. Even the rain is warm.

I’ve been here almost 36hours now and for the first time ever, I can honestly say I am missing Britain’s wonderful, rainy and cold climate.


Home town vs. Next 4 stops

It’s gotten to the point where I’m doing something I’ve never done while abroad before, and drinking water straight from the tap, simply because it’s the coldest thing around. But I figured if there has to be one country where I contract amoebic dysentery and have to be hospitalised for a few days, why not let it be this one?! It’s so pretty I imagine even the views from the hospital window would be like something from a Thomas Cook brochure. I kid, apparently the tap water is fine.

I haven’t really done much, or anything at all really, so far. I took a few buses, got lost a few times and have mainly been chilling at my host’s house in Colombo, me sleeping off the jetlag and him sleeping off his cold. Apparently he caught it during the 3 minutes of rain on Wednesday night, if that’s even possible.

We’re heading to Galle tonight for a few days to go to the beach and apparently climb a mountain full of bugs.


My only photo so far; accidentally snapped while trying to connect to the Wi-Fi outside.


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