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It’s absolutely crazy that this time two months ago I’d just touched down in Montenegro, at the start of my little solo jaunt to the Balkans. What’s even crazier is that now, two months down the line, I’ve only actually managed to publish five posts from that trip. That’s five out of at least fifteen I have tentatively planned in my own head.

So yeah, have no fear because there’s plenty more to come my lovely little bunch of fromage frais.

The last two posts have been very word-heavy and very Game of Thrones heavy, and to be honest Westeros is starting to look like one of those words that doesn’t look like a real word after you’ve typed it out one time too many times. Bubbles. Teacher. Fork. So I figured that to break up all the words and the excitement of being reminded Season 7 is just around the corner, let’s chill the eff out a little bit and just look at some pretty pictures, mostly taken from my Instagram because I’m sort of too lazy to edit any new ones right now. Another string to add to my “48 Hours in…” bow.

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I mean, I’d love to actually write something useful for a change. A list of things to do on a budget, perhaps. Or maybe a vegetarian’s guide to eating out. Except that I visited Dubrovnik in winter, during off-season (and with about £0.02 of disposable income to my name) so there wasn’t really anything to do bar walk around aimlessly, and I basically lived off of Batchelor’s Pasta ‘n’ Sauce cooked in the comfort of my AirBnB. Because despite travelling hand luggage only, that hand luggage typically consists of 50% clothes and 50% dried pasta goods.

The one time I did eat out in Dubrovnik, I took myself out on a date to a kinda fancy restaurant and made a complete fool of myself by choking on a piece of asparagus (which I don’t even like!) and having to rely on the waiter to bring me a whole jug of tap water for me to recover. Anyway…

Dubrovnik is beautiful.

It’s absolutely stunning.

It’s orange and it’s blue and it’s sunny (except for the day I arrived when I basically drowned in a puddle while waiting for my AirBnb host to arrive) and it’s everything you could want in a holiday destination, no matter what you’re looking for. Family friendly? Check. Couples friendly? Check. Nightlife? Check. Watersports? Check. Do nothing but lie on the beach and read books? Check.

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I would recommend it to everybody. In fact, the Dubrovnik tourism board should start paying me because I have been recommending it to everybody.

And if you, sat there reading this right now, are in two minds about whether to visit. Do it. You won’t be disappointed.



    • rhiydwi Reply

      The colours are so gorgeous!! And just as bright in real life as in pictures. Hahah, love the hashtag! NOTICE ME PLEASE TOURISM BOARD

  1. Really loved this post. The strangest thing is that I dreamed I was in Dubrovnik even though I’ve never been and never knew anything about the city (not a GOT fan etc.) so I guess I have to get there somehow in this lifetime.

    • rhiydwi Reply

      You definitely do! Always do what your dreams tell you and it’ll lead for a very interesting life indeed 😉

  2. Game of Thrones (season 7) is so near. It was from your previous post that I learned that GOT shot a lot of episodes in Dubrovnik. I have been amazed about the locations of GOT because I was not sure if they really exist. Haha! After reading your post, I even told my friend (who visited Dubrovnik recently) about this. How can I connect with the Dubrovnik tourism board? I also want to go there. = )

    • rhiydwi Reply

      They definitely exist, and are just as amazing in real life as on the show (but with less CGI, of course!).

  3. Sandra Henriques Gajjar Reply

    Well, GOT is reason enough to visit Dubrovnik. And the food (at least that’s what a friend of mine told me after coming back from his trip there. Although eating pasta at your Airbnb also counts as local food, right? Because of where you’re eating it?). I’d probably visit during off season, too. But I had to do a GOT themed tour (just once).

    • rhiydwi Reply

      I ate out a handful of times but from what I gathered from the menus, it’s very seafood heavy. And as a veggie that’s not exactly ideal for me! But yep, pasta cooked with local veg so definitely counts as local food!

  4. That is Dubrovnik in winter? It looks like summer to me! I definitely need to put it on my list of places to visit during the offseason. I appreciate your honesty in this post, it sounds like you made it work with what little money and time you had! That said, it seems that Dubrovnik is a great place to go if you don’t have money –
    you can just wander and gaze at the lovely architecture and coastline! 🙂

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Oh definitely! But with that being said, the cost of accommodation is a bit of a kick any time of year! Budget doesn’t exactly exist anywhere near the main attractions.

  5. Beautiful Pictures from this awesome Place. I havent been to Dubrovnik in years, but I remember how I love the Place. i am planning on returning to the Balkans soon. Dubrovnik will be on my list for sure. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Ooh, have an amazing time in the Balkans! I’ll have to keep an eye out in the future for your posts about the trip!

  6. I’ve actually not watched Game of Thrones since reading your last post, I did watch Prison Break though! I’m visiting Dubrovnik this autumn, I can’t wait to take pictures there, I’ll copy some of yours. I guess I’ll need my lunar glides on to climb the hill for the city shots.

    • rhiydwi Reply

      I stopped watching Prison Break half way through Season 2, but now there’s that magical new season in the works (or already aired??) I need to get back into it! It’s the perfect place for you to do that fish eye thing you do! And maybe by the time you get there the cable car will be fixed so you can leave the lunar glides at home.

  7. Dubrovnik is indeed beautiful. I smiled reading ‘Dubrovnik tourism board should pay me….’ but as a passionate traveler I know where it is coming from. I too recommend a place a lot if I really loved it. I am a water person and would sure explore Dubrovnik one day.

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Haha, that was a totally tongue in cheek comment! If anyone should pay for me accidental promotion, it’s McDonald’s 😉 But seriously, Dubrovnik is amazing! You really should visit if you get the chance.

  8. You’re right in saying Dubrovnik tourism should pay you. First when I saw the title, my first thought was I’ve already read and commented on this post! But then, this post is brand you! You’ve so many post on the place! The view, the buildings, the sea its just so gorgeous!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Oops, my bad haha! A lot of the time I forget which photos I’ve already used as the featured image so often repeat some and then yeah, it can get confusing!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      I was so annoyed with myself for not planning more than 2 weeks!

  9. Stop telling people to go here. Otherwise everyone will go here and it’ll be too crowded by the time I finally get here. Your photos are stunning and really do make me want to come to Dubrovnik. Even in the winter time.

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Well tbh I don’t think I have that much influence on anyone outside my own inner circle just now, so you’ll be good for a while 😉

  10. “That’s five out of at least fifteen I have tentatively planned in my own head.” Mwahahah. How well I know that feeling. Enjoy your time in Dubrovnik.

    • rhiydwi Reply

      See, it’s trips like that that make me really want to hurry up and get my licence! Driving the whole coast seems like an absolute dream!

  11. I’ve got friends traveling to Dubrovnik this summer because of the very scenes you photographed. I’ll share this with them! Great timing.

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Thanks Albert! I’m sure they’ll have an amazing time – it really is the best!

  12. Myperfectrip Reply

    This is one of the places where I really need to go…thanks for sharing!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Really? I had no idea it’s been featured in Hindi movies! Do you have any idea which film?

  13. You did very well to visit Dubrovnik in winter, during off-season, because it’s very crowded in summer. You were very lucky to find it that sunny, even in the Mediterranean it’s not always like that. Good for you, because that way you took some great photos!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Definitely! The more I do it, the more I’m seeing the benefit of off-season travel.

  14. I am across to this writeup from your GOT article. I just can’t think anything else apart GOT when I see Dubrovnik. your photos are amazing and it tells alot about the city. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!

  15. Dubrovnik is high on my list of places to visit. It’s just a matter of time plus planning and I’ll be seeing the Kings Landing soon. 🙂

  16. Lovely post, awesome pics. Makes me get to know more about Dubrovnik. Would love to go there immediately but there are so many destinations in my head I want to visit. Damn it not enough time.

  17. Looks gorgeous, Rhiannon! I think I’d really love to visit in winter, the weather looks fabulous and since I’m somewhat “allergic” to places that get too crowded and tend to avoid them. Looking forward to more photos when you get your mojo to edit some more! (Can totally relate to that! 😉 )

  18. Wow Dubrovnik looks so beautiful. I will probbly travel to Balkan states in summer and will definitely add Dubrovnik. As I see it it also a good destination in winter 🙂

  19. Amazing impressions, I really like all these pretty photos here. Dubrovnik looks truly beautiful and your impressions exactly confirm that. Actually I really appreciate that you find nearly everything here – family & couples friendly, nightlife, watersports and so on… this makes this place also very interesting for a longer stay since you have so many different things to do for each day.

  20. We went to dubrovnik and totally loved it. Would go back anytime and most importantly, maybe in winter too? When we went it was sooooo hot and it was exhausting! I am sure things have changed too, can’t wait to go! Great pictures you’ve got there too!

  21. I love Dubrovnik it is a stunning city. I was there a few years ago in summer when it was so hot and full of tourists and also before I had watched GOT!! I walked the wall and explored so much as I love old cities, I would love to go back and do tell everyone that Croatia is a great country to visit. Your pics are amazing too, makes me want to go back soon and next month I will so near too as I am going from Athens up to Bosnia!! Maybe I can fit in a quick visit!!

  22. Ahhh! Dubrovnik has been a place I’ve dreamed about visiting for a while and these photos just add to the dream! Love this!

  23. This looks absolutely amaze-balls!! I’ve wanted to go to Dubrovnik for some time now and these photos just add to that wanderlust!

  24. I learned about Dubrovnik because of Game of Thrones and just thinking about the place itches my feet plus your pretty photos makes me really want to go there badly.

  25. We’re here in about 3 weeks so naturally I am reading my DK Eyewitness TOP 10 book and checking into my favourite travel blog for the latest low down. We’re heading here for sunshine and relaxation more than anything – ten days of nothingness but with the beautiful old town for some casual meandering.

    How did you travel from Montenegro to Croatia? We’re tempted to hire a car for a day trip to the Bay of Kotor but are torn between hiring a vehicle or arriving by coach. Car is by far my preferred method (going off track, taking our own time etc) however I hear mixed reviews about the border crossing (not to mention unscrupulous car hire companies… nothing new there..). I think the car make sense for practicality and also financial – but the border stories… hmmm… Any advice?

    Thanks chick! 🙂

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Ahh Dubrovnik would be absolutely perfect for what you’re after then!!

      I travelled by coach – it was super easy. Booked my ticket online at for about €10. The border crossing was crazy simple – the driver did all the work really. We just had to jump off the bus at the Montenegro side, show our faces to border control and then get back on. At the Croatia side we didn’t even have to get off – the driver took our passports and gave them to one of the guards who then came onto the bus and verified we all matched up with the photos on our passports. We had to wait a little while after only because there was somebody from Qatar or Kuwait (I can’t remember which!) on the bus which was otherwise full of British/Schengen people, so they had to do a few more checks for his visa. I saw one or two cars at the border too and they seemed to pass through even quicker than us!

      • Carl Lowles Reply

        Aces. Thanks chicken, will have to look into the coach as the prices and hasselfree approach may suit out easy, going, chilled out ten days. Thanks!

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