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Although I have written about Jordan a few times before, I seem to remember those posts being pretty word-heavy and seriously lacking in photos. Which is especially odd because I took a lot of photos in Jordan.

And I mean a lot.

My 10-day trip to Jordan happened back in September 2014 and it was my first (and only, so far) time visiting the Middle East. That is, unless you count a couple of 5-hour and 3-hour layover in Muscat International Airport on my way to and from Asia, which I don’t.

Anyway, not only was it my first trip to the Middle East but also my first ever time seeing a desert exactly as I’d grown up believing a desert to be. By which I mean the whole stereotypical tumbleweed blowing off in the distance, camels roaming free, Disney’s Aladdin-type gig. The year before I visited Huacachina, Peru which, although is a desert, didn’t fill me up with the excitement I’d always imagined a desert would.

Probably because there were no camels. 

The Middle East had always seemed so exotic and far-away to me growing up, an almost unreachable target. It’s a little bit funny because it’s actually geographically closer to Wales than a lot of the countries seven-year-old me wouldn’t have thought twice about jetting off to had she been given the chance. Orlando, Florida, anyone? 

The closest to a desert I’d ever been before Peru and Jordan would be the Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes. Which, as I’m sure any of my fellow Welsh folk reading this would agree, is not exactly the most exciting of places and totally incomparable to the phenomenal landscapes of Jordan.

I feel like I need to excuse myself for the poor quality-slash-blurriness of some of these photos, but in my defence they were all taken on my iPhone before I knew anything about lighting and contrast and how to keep your hand steady while taking a shot…