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Radio silence explained.

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Please accept my apologies in advance for the bitterness that may shine through this post like a freshly dug-out diamond.

This is another “Sorry I’ve been silent for a while but I’m back now” posts. They seem to be what I’m best at.

This time around my silence has little to do with me being busy and/or lazy and more to do with the fact that my now ex decided to fly to Brazil to meet me (as planned) to spend the next four months together travelling, and felt like it would be the perfect time to announce that the ‘temporary break’ we went on before I left UK is now permanent. Oh, and he already has a new girlfriend. Oh, and she is flying to Peru to meet ‘us’.

Evidently there is no more ‘us’. Stay tuned for more on that situation…

So now I’m in Santiago de Chile – a little earlier than planned – ‘laying low’ and having some ‘me time’ (I hate that term!) in a rented apartment for a few days. It’s a damn nice apartment too – no regrets here!

I have so many posts to upload/write in the next few days about the rest of my time in Brazil (Rio and Iguassu) and my few days in dreary Buenos Aires as well as some super belated posts from India and Sri Lanka (two months isn’t that much of a delay, right?). There also may be a really rant-y and miserable sounding post about my #!@& of an ex and that whole debacle. Only because I still have so much anger and frustration to let out, and my friends are probably sick of seeing my name on Whatsapp now. Also because I’m 90% sure his mother secretly reads this blog sometimes (yeah, hi).

So yeah, all of that to come in the next few days. But for now I’m going to make the most of being completely alone for the first time in 2 months by wearing as few clothes as possible, eating a mountain of pasta and binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy.


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  1. Maija 1st June 2016

    Guys suck. Watch shitty films with lots of chocolate and have some new adventures, and you’ll put yourself back togethet again! Plus Santiago is a pretty great place to land for a while 🙂

    1. rhiydwi 2nd June 2016

      Thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 Nothing can’t be fixed with a whole pint of Häagen-Dazs and Netflix 🙂 And you’re right there, Santiago is incredible!

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