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Take a guess what I’ve been doing this weekend?! FYI, the featured image is not a clue and is actually from last weekend. I’m not going to wait for guesses because that would mean having to stop typing right here, publish this and wait for answers before saying what I did, which I’m sure anyone would agree is a really stupid idea. So I’ll tell you what I did.

But first let’s all let our imaginations run wild about what I could have been doing.

I’m in India. I know I’ve said this many times before and should really, really work on some new lines but it’s a country which has everything (except cheddar cheese apparently): desert, ocean, lakes, hills, wild animals, beaches, snow-capped mountains (hey Himalayas you beautiful thing), metropolitan cities, native villages, and everything else you could think of. Within reason, anyway. It doesn’t have Iron Man or anything. Yet.

So with all that being said I honestly could have been doing anything this weekend. Horseback riding, camelback riding, elephant-back riding, white-water rafting, hiking, fishing for shell things with my own two hands, bungee-jumping, go-karting, learning how to make chapatti, visiting super old temples, literally anything.

Now for the big reveal:

I did absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch.

I stayed in my hotel room, ordered room service and only braved the outside world once to go to KFC. Actually, scrap that; I went out twice – once on Saturday for McDonald’s and once on Sunday for KFC. I’m so Western. I fell down a YouTube hole and ended up watching way too many videos of people making cups of tea (oddly mesmerising), tried and failed to catch up on Pretty Little Liars (I’ve been watching the same episode for about 2 weeks now), ate a lot of cookies and I wrote. Boyyyyy, did I write!

Ordinarily I’m not a ‘write full blog posts days in advance and schedule them’ kind of guy. I’m way too lazy and unorganised for that. My approach is more of a write a little bit here and there and whenever I feel like posting it, whack a few hundred words out, stick in some pictures and good to go! Which is probably why there are many, many grammatical inconsistencies and, as my brother enjoys pointing out, the occasional spelling mistake but who even cares when they’re all hidden in word vomit as glorious as this?! That was sarcasm. Also, my brother pointed out the other day that I’m ‘not very good at picking up on rhetoric in text unless there’s an obvious “lol“‘ which is actually super accurate and probably explains why I feel the need to point out when I’m being sarcastic or making a joke so yeah, sorry about that.

This has gone slightly off topic now.

Anyway, I wrote a freaking lot this weekend.

Seeing as I convinced myself to blog every day this month as part of Blogtober (and I don’t like quitting) but it’s my birthday this week and kind of don’t want to spend it glued to my screen, I figured it’d be a good idea to get a few posts sorted in advance.

Just a few, I thought. Maybe 2 or 3; 4 if I really don’t find anything else to do. As it turns out, I didn’t find anything else to do as my plan to next-level procrastinate by reading other blogs was foiled when it became apparent that NOBODY BLOGS ON THE WEEKEND. Seriously, why is that?!

No exaggeration, I think I managed to knock out at least 10 posts. Not just rough drafts or anything either (not that I’m normally one for rough drafts) but proper, full on complete posts with pictures and everything. They’ve all been scheduled for this week, at least one post a day (sometimes even two you lucky beggars) and some going into next week. Some of them are more than 2500 words long and I don’t even know how that happened!

Seriously, I don’t know what’s happened to me. This is not the Rhiannon I used to know.

This post is actually completely pointless and I’m sorry if you made it all the way to the end. But after 48 hours of writing things with a purpose, I just needed to blow off some writing steam with this pointless, irrelevant and really boring post.

At least you all know you probably had a way better weekend than me. Speaking of, how was your weekend?!