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The title of this makes it seems like there’s something a bit exciting going on in my life right now, something worthy of a whole blog post all to itself.

Sorry to disappoint and all that but my life is still as boring as a day spent watching paint dry, it’s just that last week I got text from my stepdad asking how Sri Lanka was, by which point I’d already been in India for 3 days. Oops.

So yeah, I realised that I’m actually super bad at telling people where I am and what I’m up to and figured that a nice little catch up post would be best to let my most favourite readers know I’m still alive (holla at you Jess James!).

Anyone who reads regularly will maybe remember that I used to have a little box over there → saying where I am and where I was planning on heading next. It was super useful but I scrapped it because I couldn’t actually keep up with myself and never updated it on time, so it would say I’m in Mexico when I was actually half way across the Great Wall.

See, this is why I just can’t get the hang of Twitter. I’m no good at this live update malarkey.

Right now I’m in India, living not travelling.

Made myself sound like a right pretentious asshole there but there’s no other way of describing what’s going on.

I’m back in Kerala, forcing my presence upon my buddies and their families, integrating myself into their everyday lives and bullying them into letting me tag along with each and every mundane activity they get up to, such as sunglasses shopping and badminton. Neither activity is particularly native to Kerala so you’re probably wondering why I’m wasting my time and money doing the same thing half way across the world that I could be getting on with in St David’s 2 and the local leisure centre back home.

Well, I just like India.

But I’m failing so bad at being a tourist right now! When I get home and anybody familiar with Kerala asks if I did this or that or saw X, Y and Z they’ll probably look at me stupid when I tell them I did none of it, but I did go to the movies to see an English film twice, played Mini Militia for hours on end in an AC room and ate way too many McDonald’s veggie burgers than can be considered safe.

I highlighted this in one of my previous posts – Travel: Am I Doing This Right? – that I’ve gone past the point of caring about whether people think I’m doing what I’m doing the ‘right way’. I don’t care if I miss out on every damn tourist attraction in India, because I’m having a blast my own way. And by my own way, I of course mean the way of my local buddies who basically dictate my life, but I love it.

 With all that being said, I’m on the verge of becoming Super-Tourist and this post is actually scheduled because at the time of reading this….

I’ll be half way to Rajasthan!

I’ve wanted to visit Rajasthan since my first trip to India back in 2012, but never got round to it. One of my friends from back home is just at the start of her year-long world trip with her boyfriend, and India is their first non-European stop for a month. I haven’t seen her since I left my job back in March, and seeing as she won’t be back in the UK now until summer 2017, I couldn’t not meet up with her over here.

I’ll be meeting them in Jaipur and following them around until they get sick of me or I find a cheap train/flight back south, whichever comes first.

I’m so excited, it feels like Christmas.

India is a bloody big country and I know there’s so much more to explore other than the wonders of Rajasthan and badminton courts of Kerala, so you’re probably wondering why I’m going down south again after my little Rajasthani adventure.

Well, my selfish answer is: because it’s my birthday in October and I want someone to get me cake!

Birthdays abroad can be hit or miss so I’d much rather be in a place that has oddly begun  to feel like home, surrounded by a bunch of people I’ve started to consider some of my closest friends, than in a completely foreign place in a dingy hostel with a group of strangers. Plus cake.

Did I mention cake already?

I’m trying to think really hard if there’s anything else worth mentioning from a travel point of view, and I don’t think there actually is…

On a personal life-related note, though, MY BABY SISTER HAD A BABY AAAAHHHH!!!!!!

We’ve had a bit of a non-existent relationship for the past 2 decades due to fact that our father’s a clown, but we’ve recently reconnected and I’m so so excited for this new chapter in her life and even more excited to finally meet her and her new little boy in a few months when I get home!

This brings my total number of minions who belong to me but don’t actually belong to me to 4. I’m thinking of starting a minion army, and I will call it the Army of JOSÉ because the initials of all the minions spell out Jose.

Talk of babies and stuff kind of makes it hit home that I’m a freakin’ adult!

I was thinking about it all the other day – how my baby sister is having a baby and my big brother has 3 babies (not all at once) and my friends are moving in with boyfriends and talking about building houses and buying teatowels together and stuff.

That’s all bloody grown-up stuff!

And wandering around the globe aimlessly, squandering my money on souvenir t-shirts and cups shaped like Homer Simpson’s head is not a very grown-up thing to do.

So in my panicked “I need to adult, how the freak do I adult?” mode, I did what anyone would do – I opened an ISA account and put £10 in it!

That’s enough adulting for now, I might give myself a migraine if I carry on.



    • rhiydwi Reply

      Thank you! 😀 I hope so too – I’ve dropped way too many not-so-subtle subtle hints to miss out haha

  1. Wow..looks like you are having a great time! Kerela has some great beaches! Rajasthan might be hot at present but don’t forget to go jaisalmer to have the great camel ride on sand dunes!! Being from Delhi I have been to Rajasthan many times! 🙂

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Oh, you are absolutely right – Rajasthan is sooo hot right now!
      Time is quite tight so I’m not sure if I’ll actually make it to Jaisalmer 🙁 But if I don’t this time, I’ll definitely be back!

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