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Though not traditionally considered one of a shoestring traveller’s havens, and bearing in mind its geographical location nestled among a combination of some of the world’s most powerful and dangerous nations, Jordan can be surprisingly cheap.

Before heading out there, I had absolutely no idea what to expect in regards to the cost of food, accommodation, or day-to-day living in general. I’d read up on it, but you never really know until you get out there. I was short on money and fully intended on spending as little as possible, but experiencing everything I could within my budget! Which is how, by the end of the trip, I’d barely made a dent in the £500 I budgeted for myself!

This post is to share my budget for one week in Jordan, based loosely on the 7-day Jordan Itinerary I wrote here. Bear in mind that I don’t drink alcohol, nor do I eat meat (hence why the food and drink costs are so low!), and all taxis were shared between 4 people.

Day 1

Cost of bus and [shared] taxi to Downtown Amman: 5.50 JD
1 night on the roof of a Hostel: 3JD
Citadel entry fee (if you pay!): 2 JD
Food & Drink: 6JD

Total: 16.50 JD

Day 2

Taxi from hostel to bus station in Amman: 2JD
Bus from Amman to Petra: 9.50JD
Petra entry fee: 50JD
Food & drink: 5JD
Bedouin “tip”: 10JD

Total: 76.50

*There are no accommodation costs on this day, as we were lucky enough to befriend some lovely Bedouins inside of Petra, who offered their cave to us for the night. We ended up giving them a few JD each the next morning, as a courtesy more than anything for the food, water and unlimited tea they had provided us with all night. Traditional Bedouin experiences can be arranged through most tour companies in Jordan, or you can contact Ghassab Bob on Couchsurfing for a low-cost but extremely authentic experience.

Day 3

Bus from Petra – Aqaba: 7JD
Taxi from bus station in Aqaba to hotel – 2JD
1 night in hostel – 15JD
Food & drink – 6JD

Total: 30JD

Day 4

1 night in hostel: 15JD
Half-day Scuba-diving excursion: 40JD
Food & Drink: 6JD

Total: 61JD

*I did not participate in the scuba-diving, but two of my travel companions did so I can vouch for the cost of this. They arranged it directly with our hostel, who had qualified instructors on their books.

Day 5

Wadi Rum excursion: 60JD
Taxi from Aqaba – Wadi Rum: 7.50JD
Water: 1JD

Total: 68.50

*Wadi Rum excursion included lunch, dinner and breakfast the next day along with the night’s accommodation and the whole day’s activities/sights.

Day 6

Wadi Rum – Amman taxi: 20JD
Hotel in Amman: 5JD
Food & Drink: 6JD

Total: 31JD

*It would have likely been a lot cheaper to get a bus to Amman, but there were four of us and our good friend Ahmed offered the ride.

Day 7

Hotel – 5JD
Amman-Jerash Taxi: 10JD
Food & Drink: 10JD
Jerash entry: 10JD
Bus & Taxi from Downtown – Airport: 5.50JD

Total: 40.50JD

Total altogether: 324 JOD / $456 USD / £315 GBP / €410 EUR

Average of $65 per day.

Accommodation costs: 43 JOD
Food & drink: 40 JOD
Travel: 69 JOD
Excursions: 172 JOD

Obviously certain prices would fluctuate depending on the season and availability of hotels etc, and I ate a very basic diet of mainly falafel and hummus (if you’re veggie, you will live off of it!), taking full advantage of the free breakfast at hotels/hostels. My cost per day was cut again by the fact that I was able to split taxi fares four ways – however, if I was travelling alone I would have opted to use public transport, in which case the difference in expenditure would have been minute.


  1. Girl, I am stalking your Jordan posts so hard right now. I want to visit so much & the fact you visited so cheaply excites me! Now to find some cheap flights…. (ha, if only)!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Oh god, do you have to?! Haha. My Jordan posts were written before I developed a) a sense of humour and b) an audience.

      It’s honestly surprisingly cheap as soon as you get there! Easyjet used to do £200 return flights from London (crazy, I know!) but stopped that route about 2 weeks before I planned my trip. I ended up getting a bus from Cardiff to Amsterdam, flying Amsterdam-Heathrow-Jordan and the same return just to save about £100. We were hand luggage only so when we got to London we just did a runner and didn’t bother with the second leg.

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