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In case you didn’t notice, I disappeared. It’s been more or less 3 weeks now but hi, hello, hey there,  good news, JE SUIS VIVANT!

It was all very dramatic at the time. You know, creepy music, big puff of smoke, eerie purple lighting and all that jazz – quite reminiscent of that evil guy on Princess & the Frog, the one remarkably like Prince but with a more oblong-shaped head.

Then BANG, all of a sudden I was gone.

Okay, so it didn’t quite happen like that. I am an exaggerator.

What actually happened is:
WEEK 1: it was my brother’s birthday, so I spent the day I would normally spend writing things up and being all sociable online babysitting my niece and nephew instead.
WEEK 2: I worked a lot and then spent almost all of my spare time at the gym (I know, I’m the worst kind of person) running and falling off treadmills and stuff, in preparation for the upcoming half-marathon I’m now slightly regretting signing up for. FYI, it’s next Sunday and if you’re feeling generous and charitable and what-not, here’s the link lovely humans.
WEEK 3: I went to Spain, then worked a few night shifts which made 4 days blur into 1 and before I knew it it’s today and here we are.

I’ve actually received a few messages from people over the last 3 weeks from people wanting to check everything is okay, which is really sweet and adorable and makes me feel kind of fuzzy inside. But yeah, I’m fine, I’m here. Hi.

In anticipation of me knowing I’d be going a bit AWOL for a few weeks, I did actually schedule a few posts to go out (that’s a lie, I scheduled one) but the WP scheduler failed so here we are, three weeks of silence. Qué pena.

Do you know what though?

When people intentionally do social media detoxes and disappear for however long, then come back and say they feel like a new person and bla bla bla, they must be lying. It was ‘orrible. I haven’t been able to reply to comments, I haven’t been able to reply to emails (not that there’s been anything important) and I haven’t been able to keep up-to-date with any of my favourite fellow bloggers (here’s looking at you Amy Evans , Young and Undecided and Birdgehls in particular).

It’s been a very bleak three weeks. Sigh.

But oh happy day, I’m baa-aack. And even better news, I’m going to India in November so that’s exciting. It’s been too long and I’m in dire need of topping up my flip-flop tan to be honest.

I’ve also been thinking long and hard during my accidental 3-week digital detox about maybe opening up the site to guest posts. Because I know it can get kind of boring reading the same voice over and over and over again and also sometimes I just really can’t be a$$ed.

So if you have any ideas or would like to submit something, shoot me an email at I’m pretty open and flexible when it comes to the subject (unless you’re that man from India who wants to write about tyres, then I’m afraid it’s still a big fat no) and of course would link back and feature social media handles etc, so hit me up just to chat truly yours, your biggest fan, this is rhi-Stan-on.