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The only reason I wanted to go to LA was for Disneyland.

As it turns out Disneyland is called Disneyland California not Disneyland Los Angeles, and California is actually a lot bigger than I could have imagined. But this stupid British no clue about US, can’t even name half the states girl didn’t realise that until more or less 4 days before her flight from Mexico to LA, by which point all park tickets (specifically for Disneyland and Universal Studios) had been purchased and a tentative itinerary had been set in my brain.

The lesson learned here is do your darn research before booking yourself into a £30 a night non-refundable hostel on Hollywood Boulevard.

Le sigh.

Anyway, because it would take about the same amount of time to get from Hollywood to Anaheim (home of Disneyland, FYI) as it would from Wales to England, it made more sense to split my 4 days between the two – so 2 in LA (Hollywood, of course) and 2 in Anaheim, where there’s actually nothing to do except go to Disney, watch baseball and eat a bowl of pasta the size of Liechtenstein for only $11.95. Very American.

I’ve just realised that this is the 3rd 48 Hours in… post I’ve written in less than a month (the other 2 being Beijing and Kuala Lumpur). I do actually spend more than 2 days in places sometimes, I promise. I’m not just flying from city to city, leaving the airport then boarding the next flight. That would be silly. But yeah, 48 hours seems to be my thing recently. Maybe I’ll turn it into a mini blog series kind of doodah. Food for thought.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand:

48 Hours in LA.

Day 1 was mostly spent at Universal Studios and CityWalk – I’m not going to include too many photos of those in this post because I loved Universal Studios so much it definitely deserves its own post – and Day 2 was ‘walk aimlessly up and down Hollywood Boulevard and take one of those cheesy Hollywood homes tours’ day. As illustrated below ↓


If you squint really hard at the top of the mountain, that’s Iron Man’s house


I walked the whole Walk of Fame 3 times to find this bad boy






  1. I hear you about California! I have visited several times and 2 years ago me and my husband were going to put a couple of areas of California on our road trip, but decided to remove California from it all together as I felt it needed it’s own road trip (too many places to see and do). Did you by chance visit Beverly Hills?

    • rhiydwi Reply

      It’s so bloody big! Much more than I ever realised!
      I did but not on foot – I ended up on one of those Hollywood house tours which sort of zoomed through Beverley Hills a bit, so I’m not sure if that even counts.

  2. Yes, California is very big and takes a long time to explore. And that is just one of the states. Glad you had a good time even though it wasn’t exactly as you had planned. Also glad you found the Tom Jones star. Enjoyed reading about your experience.

  3. Tony (tonyandkimoutdooradventures) Reply

    We were in the same boat. We were interested in Disneyland and Hollywood. Doing some research we noticed the distance and hassle we would go through, so we bypassed it and went to New York.

  4. HAHA, oh no! LA is a big town, but I can see how you would think that Disneyland is at least close to LA. So glad that you made it to Universal Studios and enjoyed Hollywood boulevard. That just means you need to book another visit for Disneyland!

  5. Have you seen The Travel Man with Richard Ayoade? He spends 48 hours in each city, you could be The Travel Woman! I took my picture with the Michael Jackson star, I understand the Welsh connection and Tom Jones, I hope you found his star easily enough. I went to Disneyland, California and it’s better to go in Florida so you didn’t miss out! Universal Studios was a great day out though, I got to meet the real Optimus Prime!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Haha no I haven’t but I looove Richard Ayoade so maybe I should!
      It was actually a nightmare to find! There’s just no logic to the placement of the stars! Oh wow, I didn’t get Optimus Prime but there was a REAL dinosaur from Jurassic World 😉

  6. The only reason you wanted to go to LA was to go to Disneyland?!?!?!?! Whaaaat? I love Disneyland and almost always go when I’m in town but I loveeee LA more. There’s so much to see and do! You hit a lot of the touristy spots – next time you gotta go to some more local spots. I’ve never been to see the stars so that was fun to see. Thanks for sharing!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Yep, I’m so uncultured, I know haha. But being from the UK Disneyland is a biiiiig thing! Like, once in a lifetime type situation.
      Oh I definitely will! I have a good friend who went to film school in LA so I’ll be taking aaall her recommendations next time!

  7. Yes, California is huge and there is a lot more to than Los Angeles and Disneyland! Hopefully next time around you get to see some of the famous places to see nature in the state 🙂

  8. Lols!! We all make mistakes sometimes hahaha. Those pictures make me realize that no matter where you go in the States it all looks the same hahaha. Thanks for the funny read 🙂

  9. A lot of our friends stay in LA and we have been planning a trip to the West Coast for some time now. Your post has enticed me enough to book tickets right away. Love the pictures of the stars.

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