Work With Me

Bonjour, Hola and Croeso!

So, if you clicked on this page that means you’re either super nosy and want to know absolutely everything about my life, or you’re interested in working/collaborating with me. Either one is fine by me!

A Brief Statistical Overview

DA 20
Combined social media following: 7000+
Average monthly page views: 3500+

How Can We Work Together?

Well, I’m open to all sorts really. I once got paid £50 to stand in a man’s house and pour rice onto his friends’ plates for an hour. True story, that.

In online terms, though, Wales to Wherever is open for partnership with brands by means of the following:

– Sponsored Posts
– Social Media Promotion
– Product/Service Reviews
– Media/Press Trips
– Freelance Writing Opportunities
– Advertisement and Affiliate Links

I’m also pretty friendly, so if you’re a fellow creator looking for collaboration then I’d probably be up for that too. Just shoot me an email if you want to a) write a guest post for my site b) have me write a guest post for your site c) work together on a post or d) just go out for a donut or something (not a joke – I don’t do coffee, but I definitely do donuts!).

For more detailed information and statistics, download and view my Media Kit here.