About Wales to Wherever

Wales to Wherever is a travel blog written by me, Rhiannon, a Welsh lass you’ll frequently find sleeping on airport floors or climbing mountains in flip-flops.

From the off let me say that I’m not here to tell you that anyone can travel, and that it’s easy as pie, because it’s not. I’m not here to inspire you to stop watching David Attenborough documentaries and live them yourself. I’m not here to teach you how to quit your job and travel. There are enough people out there doing that, I’d just be one more buoy in the ocean.

The main purpose of Wales to Wherever is to document my own travels in a way that means in years to come, I can look back and remember the things I otherwise wouldn’t, while at the same time sharing my stories with those who care to listen. Some crazy things have happened to me so far, like getting kidnapped in Nepal and bitten by a monkey in India, and to be honest it’s enough to make anyone’s jaw drop. 

What I will say I’m here for, though, is to spread the word that you don’t need a vault full of money to see the world. Determination and an adventurous spirit is all you really need. Okay, and a little bit of money can’t hurt, I suppose

A Not-so-brief History

Wales to Wherever came about back in 2013 as I was sat in the kitchen of my Italian apartment, waiting for my soya burgers to cook on the hob.

I was about two weeks into my “Erasmus experience” in Forlì and had just made my first friend. I say I had just made my first friend, but what actually happened was an English boy saw my very British-sounding name on the Erasmus Forlì Facebook group and, on not having met many fellow Brits so far, decided to message asking if I wanted to meet him and another boy for coffee.

Despite hating absolutely every single thing about coffee, I went along, and he (his name is Harry, in case you were wondering) became my very first Erasmus friend. You could even go so far as to say he was my first University friend, full stop.

That evening I went back to my apartment and was, for the first time since being left alone there, excited about the year ahead. So I decided to start a blog to commemorate my time there.

It wasn’t originally called Wales to Wherever – in fact, the original name is so embarrassingly stupid I’ve permanently erased it from my mind. I set myself up on a free .wordpress.com account and excitedly let my family and friends back home know about it. I figured they’d be interested in what I was getting up to on this ever so exciting year – who wouldn’t be excited, right?

It turns out that beyond the initial brief browse of my site, nobody was actually that bothered to return, but I was actually enjoying the act of writing about my life so much that it didn’t even bother me. I followed a few other Year Abroad blogs, and some general travel ones, and for the next few months it became my secret little side project that nobody in my real life knew about.

Then I moved from Italy to Spain for part 2 of my Erasmus year, leaving all my new friends behind and epically failing at having a social life. No social life meant no exciting weekend trips and my life became way too boring to write about, so I let it slip.

But I really missed the enjoyment that came with writing, and I missed the online friendships I’d started to form.

So I hesitantly started writing new content. I changed the name to Wales to Wherever (because I’m from Wales and go wherever I fancy, very inventive, I know) and picked it up again following my incredible trip to Jordan, and in anticipation of my 9-month trip around the world last year.

Since then it’s become a lot more than just a hobby. It’s become like a goldfish I have to remember to feed, or a houseplant I have to water. Because, just like how a houseplant starts to wilt if you stop watering it, so does a blog.

These days I’m not ashamed to say how proud I am of my little corner of the Internet and the incredible opportunities it’s brought me. It’s not a secret anymore and there are even some real-life friends out there who read it because they want to, and not because I threatened to cancel Christmas if they didn’t. Even my brother willingly reads some of my posts now. Woah ‘en.

Would you like to contribute? I accept both guest posts and sponsored posts – you can get in touch by sending an email to rhiannon@walestowherever.com