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A little late for a welcome to the new year, let’s plan for the future type post but I’d actually intended to write and publish this a good 3 weeks ago; that was, until life, love and sat navs got in the way.

I’ve spent the last 2 months holed away, working like an absolute hound, alternating between staring at the same four walls of my day night job and the sloped ceiling of my rented bedroom, while regularly putting in 100 hour work weeks across my actual job and my freelance stuff. I’ve listened to a grand total of 213,000 audio clips totalling more than 170 hours, managed to get RSI in both wrists and one shoulder as a result (diagnosed by Dr Google as opposed to an actual professional) and consistently managed to stay alive on less than 4 hours sleep a night.

And I. Am. Exhausted.

You know that phrase about being a permanently exhausted pigeon?

I’ll take that saying and raise it a thousand.

I am more than an exhausted pigeon. I’m a sloth in a zombified state, a broken down and steamless steam-train in the middle of a disused track, an aging triceratops on the brink of extinction. A year-long nap would be too short for me at this point. I need a lifetime of uninterrupted, sweet and dreamless sleep.

However, as of 6am yesterday morning, after 31 hours of sitting in front of my laptop existing on small 30-minutes bursts of sleep, I’m a free bird. A free bird with enough money on my pending invoices to finance almost all of my 2018 travel plans. And with enough time to finally get around to writing about last year’s trips. And the year before that. And the four years before that. 

I also just filled in my self-assessment tax return online (a day before the deadline, because I am a responsible grown-up), and have determined there’s a 50/50 chance I’ll be carted away to Cellblock D for accidental fraud due to answering “no” to all the questions I didn’t understand. Capital gains? Tax losses? Pension contributions? Should I know what any of these things are? Yes. Do I know what these things are? Of course not. Because back in school it was apparently more important to teach us how many bags of sugar could fit on the Titanic if there were X amount of passengers instead of useful real-life number stuff like tax deductibles and what tax credits actually are.

Anyway, the point is that once again I have time on my hands. A lot of time. And I’m so excited to jump headfirst back into the online world!

When I shared my hopelessly optimistic end of year review last month, I did sort of think that the enthusiasm was a novelty, and that it’d wear off given time. But it’s still here! And I am ready and raring to go. Some might say I am absolutely buzzing.

I’ve missed catching up with my favourite blogs; I’ve missed reading (and replying) the comments on my site. I’ve missed the whole community, the camaraderie and everything that comes with it. And most of all, I’ve missed writing. My fingers are positively tingling with excitement at the thought of being able to sit and write again. Of being able to share my sometimes amusing, sometimes confusing thoughts, ideas, and experiences with those who chose to read them.

Despite being already a month into the new year, I am still so excited for what’s to come.