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For anyone who knows anything about normal goings-on around here, you must surely be confused as to the sheer magnitude of posts that have been churning out recently.

Like, I’m normally a once in a month kind of gal. Twice if I’m feeling extra saucy.

To explain, for the past 2 weeks and another 2 to come (so, the whole month of April), I’ve been taking part in a daily blogging challenge with the fab Facebook blogging group, Travel Bloggers Club. The challenge is pretty self-explanatory – publish a new article every day, post it in the group and help each other out a bit by sharing it around the many different social media platforms that exist.

The whole reason I signed up for the challenge was to give me that extra little push to actually write and publish the content that’s been milling around in my brain (and saved drafts folder – current count: 36) for so long now.

In anticipation of July (when I’ll have a lot more free time on my hands after making that big leap across the world and moving to New Zealand with no job and very little savings), I want to get into the habit of writing something every single day, and having the discipline and drive to put my writing out there for the world to see.

It's like that dolphin you get tattooed on your arse when you're drunk - you love it, it's your baby, but you shrivel up with embarrassment at the thought of anyone knowing about it. Click To Tweet

Okay, maybe not the world, but a small portion of it at least.

My issue as a blogger is that I’m too shy (or lazy) to put my articles out there and get them seen. I don’t share on my personal Facebook page, I no longer send individual articles to friends (because LOL do they read them though), and I just about die every time a work colleague mentions my blog out loud. It’s like that dolphin you get tattooed on your arse when you’re drunk – you love it, it’s your baby, but you shrivel up with embarrassment at the thought of anyone knowing about it.

Way off topic now – back in the room, back in the room. Focus.

The challenge so far has been absolutely brilliant for that. I’ve somehow managed to stick to writing and posting every single bleeding day, come rain or shine, sleep or no sleep. My page views have sky-rocketed and the best part is I’ve been able to connect on a daily basis with a bunch of incredible writers and content creators whose content I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and sharing.

And so, to celebrate life and laughter, and for some light relief from writing thousands of words and trying to make them sound interesting (yesterday’s post was almost 4000 words y’all), I thought I’d share a few of the posts I’ve seriously enjoyed reading over the last two weeks, written by fellow bloggers taking part in the challenge.

Eleonore Everywhere – 15 Scenic Photos of Cape Town, South Africa

A former teacher, current humanitarian worker, Eleonore’s site features some of the most envy-inducing photography of the Middle East I’ve seen. Her 20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Jordan has me absolutely yearning to go back to the country!

And in a similar way, her very colourful post about South Africa has me keen on visiting for the first time sooner rather than later.

The Atlas Edit – How to Get to Neuschwanstein Castle

Stephanie’s whole site is beautiful, her photography is beautiful and she is beautiful. Her guide to visiting Neuschwanstein Castle (somewhere that’s been on my bucket list since forever!) is concise, practical and even includes tips on where to get the best photos.

It seems The Atlas Edit is quite new, but she is absolutely killing it right from the start!

A Packed Life – The 11 Best Beaches in England You Must Visit

As somebody who travels a lot, I all too often find myself taking for granted the fact that there’s so much beauty right on my doorstep.

Bernadette’s post on the 11 best beaches in England really made me open my eyes and see that it’s not always necessary to fly all the way across the world for a slice of paradise – sometimes there’s enough right in front of you!

Balkan Digital Nomads – Ultimate Quora Guide for Travel Bloggers

Last week I signed up for Quora, as I’d read somewhere that it can be a good source of reliable traffic to your site. I answered one question and then promptly gave up.

Now that I’ve read this fantastic and easy-to-follow guide by the guys over at Balkan Digital Nomads, I’m ready to give it another go and answer questions more complex than “What do you get if you mix blue with yellow?

Roam the Horizon – Jardin, Colombia: Our Favourite Little Pueblo

Reading this post by Roam the Horizon really made me miss my time in Colombia. Although I haven’t visited Jardin, the colours and descriptions in the article made me think of Guatape, and Medellín, both of which are places very close to my heart.

I’ve gone back to it a few times since first reading, just to look at the pictures and reminisce.

Digital Travel Guru – Travel Guide to Goa

I just love Goa. I love reading about Goa, I love visiting Goa, I love saying Goa. But the problem with Goa is that it’s so frequented by travellers, that guides and ‘what to do’s’ are on the verge of being overdone.

This guide by Digital Travel Guru offers all the must know, must see and must do, but without too much floral arrangement. Precise and to the point, with all the information you need in one place – exactly how I like guides to be!

Instagram account: @digitaltravelguru

There are so many more great posts I’ve read over the past 2 weeks (and I’m sure many to come over the next 2!) that these are just a small snippet.

If you’ve read anything awesome recently, let me know!