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In case you hadn’t already worked it out by the fact that I’ve moaned about it non-stop for about a month and even dedicated an entire post to the subject, I’m going home soon and am super bummed about it. Even though I still haven’t booked my flight and tbh will probably just keep putting it off until the day before, by which time I’ll have to sell both my kidneys and most of my hair to be able to afford it, by the end of the month I will definitely be back on British soil.

Excuse me while I go silently sob in the corner.

For anyone back home who might be reading this (i.e. Jess James – hi, you! – and maybe my brother who I think just reads to pick up on my grammatical misdoings), it’s not that I don’t like you because I do, it’s just that I guess I like India more. Soz.

Thinking about going home and having to pay a whole £1 for a packet of Rich Teas when you can get them for just ₹10 over here and they taste better makes me sad. Heading back to a country where finding good paneer that doesn’t taste like toilet chemicals is about as rare as winning the lottery and being eaten by a shark on the same day makes me want to cry into my corn flakes.

Long story short, I am miserable. And it’s a misery that’s probably a massive over-reaction and just super exaggerated by the fact that I’ve spent the last almost 2 days hibernating in my room and violently throwing up the entire contents of my stomach. TMI? Maybe. As always me and Dr Google have done our research and don’t worry, while I’m certain it’s not food poisoning, I have managed to narrow it down to either malaria, appendicitis, zika or quadruplets. All very realistic, I know.

So in an attempt to get myself out of this sickness-induced big black pit of end-of-holiday misery I seem to have fallen into, I’ve decided to put together a little list of things I’m looking forward to about going back. Because whether I choose to believe it or not, there  actually is more waiting for me than Cathedral City Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese and a packet of pickled onion monster munch.


Oh hey Mr Obvious!
The timing of this trip has meant I’ve skipped the latter half of British Spring, all of Summer & Autumn and will be landing smack bang at the start of winter. It’s a blessing and a curse really; the curse being the fact that I will have to wear actual shoes on my feet instead of my beloved Olive Oyl Havaianas or else lose all my toes because hey British winter you frosty thing, you. The blessing being that I’ll be landing just in time for the start of what most people consider the Festive Season (except for those odd-bods who bring out their tree before their pumpkins have even gone mouldy) which we all know is THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!!!! I think I enjoy the run-up to Christmas almost as much as the day itself, so I’m really glad I’ll be home in time for it all.


I’ve already mentioned in passing on a previous post (can’t remember which one!) how I booked this trip to Riga on a whim when the ‘mutually decided’ end of my relationship turned into an absolute carwreck and I was in the mood to be all selfish and just do whatever and go wherever the heck I wanted. That was over five months ago now and my cousin has finally booked her flight to come with me! Her lovely boyfriend is coming too which is super nice. Although I haven’t actually met him yet, and although I’ve got a bit of a bad track record when it comes to travelling with people (once managed to kiss goodbye to a friendship of over a decade, lol @ me) I’m excited. Also excited to eat soup out of a bowl of bread. Huzzah.


One of my favourite parts about going home after such a long time away is meeting up with everybody you haven’t seen in a while, catching up on their lives and probably eating a lot of good food in the process. And this year I’m gonna be doing more of the above than ever! Pizza with my old work friends, after-hours Indian with my other work friends (perks of working at an Indian restaurant) and even more Indian with my little buddy Jayjay when he comes home from Uni for Christmas.
Then there’s the annual Christmas get-together with my school friends and bestest buddies which, this year will be happening in November because one of them is completely unavailable for December since she’ll be off rehearsing for what will surely be the best musical to have ever graced this planet and you all need to go see it because Emily is awesome and so is Meat Loaf.
I’ll also (obviously) be seeing my brother and his little minions who will probably seem like giants compared to the last time I saw them, and I’ll be meeting with my sister at some point and meeting her new little baby for the first time. Vair exciting.


I’ve been more than vocal about my love for Cathedral City cheddar cheese and although I do realise it’s super freaking sad that at times I’ve missed cheese more than I’ve missed anything else, I don’t even care. Cathedral City is da best. I’m also gunning for beans and chips: real chips cut from potatoes there and then, none of this ‘French fries’ malarkey. Maybe I’ll go all out and combine the two, sticking some grated cheddar on top of the beans and chips. Just hand me a spatula and call me Chef!


This may seem an odd one coming from somebody who absolutely adores travel and ordinarily loves the thrill of not knowing where her next bed will be, but I’m actually really looking forward to being in one place for a little while. Having a stable roof over my head, stable WiFi (praise the lord!), and a kind of stable job if the restaurant wants me back for a while. I plan on absolutely making the most of it all while I can because come January, I’ll be gone again.


  1. So I think you gave me an idea for my upcoming trip to England; my boyfriend is a huge Meatloaf fan (even has a tattoo of part of the Bat Out of Hell album cover). Thanks for that!

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Glad to have been of assistance! Definitely check it out if you get a chance – if he’s diehard enough to get a tattoo, he’ll definitely love the show! Can’t wait to check it out myself.

      • I just had to let you know… I booked the tickets for the Bat Out of Hell musical in Manchester last night! We are so freakin’ excited!! Thanks for the idea! 🙂

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