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Fun fact for you all: I’m named after two songs.

The first is Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac (song title a bit obvious there) and the second Sarah by Thin Lizzy. So you’d think picking a song quote would be easy for me really, that I’d just need to pick a random few lines from either song, write a bit about how it obviously relates to me because duh, my parents literally named me for the song and Bob’s your uncle, job done!

Hmmm, no. Not so simple.

The thing with Rhiannon is that as much as I do love the song, I just can’t relate. I don’t ring like a bell through the night, I don’t take to the sky like a bird in flight, nor do I rule my life in the same way. And I’d like to choose a quote that, I don’t know, speaks to me. Wow, don’t I sound all new age and hippy.

As for Sarah? Well, if you’ve ever listened to you know that it’s basically a love song from a father to his daughter. And if you haven’t listened to it, well I’m telling you it’s a love song from a father to his daughter. Whereas I’m sure at some point or another in my existence I did change my father’s world and maybe I did change his style with my baby smile, these days he replaces his daughters more often than I replace my contact lenses, so cutesy little daddy-daughter lullabies? No thank you.

So yeah, Day 3 of the challenge was actually a lot more difficult to decide on than Day 1 (book) and Day 2 (film).

After a lot of umm-ing and aah-ing, replaying every Bob Marley song on my phone (because Bob = <3) and trying to think of songs that are relevant to me I decided to just throw out the imaginary rule book I’d invented inside of my head and just go with a few lines from my favourite song of all time, Round Here by Counting Crows. Although it’s not originally by Counting Crows, their version is by far my most favourite. It’s slow, it’s mellow (thanks for the descriptive Wikipedia) and it’s just perfect.


I could happily sit here and quote the entire song, picking it apart line by line, but the above is the line that I find the most striking. This is the line that I think about whenever someone brings the song up (not that anyone ever does anymore – it’s like, more than 2 decades old now) and it’s the line that I think has the most obvious meaning. I won’t go into detail about the meaning behind the song as a whole (mostly because despite having listened to it a good few hundred times over the years, I still don’t fully get it myself) but if you’re interested just check out the Wikipedia page! And if you haven’t listened to the song before, give it a whirl! It really has this weird kind of vulnerability to its sound while at the same time being a song that seems so sure about its subject. It really is incredible.

And that’s a wrap for my 3 Day Quote Challenge!

Thanks again to BeXoxo for the nomination, I had so much fun trying to think up my favourite/most memorable quotes! I’m not going to individually nominate anybody, partly because I’m not sure who’d be interested in this kind of tag and partly because it’s 3am as I write this (scheduled post ftw!) and I don’t think my brain is fully functioning in its current tired-as-@!%$ state. So this is an open invitation (resists urge to sing Selena Gomez)! Anyone reading this who fancies playing along, please do! And don’t forget to tag me in your posts so I can read them because I am a top super stalker!

One last thing… If you missed them, you can catch up on my Day 1 and Day 2 of the challenge riiight here:

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