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Another day, another quote.

If you want to find out what this challenge is, feel free to read my post 3 Day Quote Challenge: Day 1. To be honest it doesn’t really explain what the challenge is, but does enable you to discover how odd I was as a child.

Today’s quote, as per what the person before the person who nominated me (that person being BeXoxo) did, is from a movie. Or film, for those of us who are unsophisticated Brits still stuck in a world of films, telly and settees.

Adventure is out there” automatically came to mind as my favourite movie quote because, well, it is my favourite movie quote. Even though I’m not 100% sure whether or not they say it in the movie or if it’s just a sort of slogan/tagline type thing, it’s been a while. Whatever it is, I say it a lot, sometimes with a hint of irony but mostly with a serious face because adventure IS out there – you just have to go out and look for it. Just call me stuffed crust pizza because I am full of cheese right now.


Up is definitely up there (hehe) in my Top 5 favourite films of all time. Heck, it’s probably Top 3! I seriously can’t get enough of it. It’s such a good movie and so adorable and good for kids but also adults at the same time and Carl and Ellie are just *heart eyes* and aaaaahhhh I love it so much. I cried watching it when it first came out in the cinema, I cried watching it on Sky Movies, I cried watching it on DVD when it came out and I cried watching it a few months back on some random TV channel in the middle of a country who’s people probably can’t even pronounce Carl Frederickson. I flew all the way to Venezuela just to visit Angel Falls – more commonly referred to in the Disney world as Paradise Falls, mmhm. A few months back when I visited Disneyland California, the little romantic sod that’s hiding away somewhere inside of me bought a set of pins shaped like the Grape Soda pins from the film, one with Carl on and one with Ellie on, and gave Ellie away to someone, keeping Carl for myself. Shifty eyes.

Long story short, I love Up.

Who doesn’t love Up?! If the answer is you, please feel free to forever hold your peace or you really will awake the dragon in me. Little bit of Welsh humour for you here.

So yeah, “adventure is out there” was going to be my quote, but then while trawling through pages and pages of Google Images to find a nice little picture of the quote, I remembered – or got reminded, rather – of this little gem:


Irrespective of the context of this quote (child reminiscing about the boring as hell but still bloody fantastic stuff he once did with absent parent who now couldn’t seem to care any less – screw you, Russell’s dad!), it’s a great reminder to us all that it’s the little things that count. Don’t get me wrong, one-off extravagant gestures are great, but when it comes down to it what you’ll take away from any relationship, what you’ll remember in years to come, is the little things that made you smile. Counting cars on the side of the road while eating ice cream like Russell and his dad, late night phone calls with your best friend every night, those adorable little smiles you get from the tiny people in your life when you walk through the door, regular lunch dates to Subway with your sister, reality TV show “date nights” – whatever the little thing is, hold onto it. Because they are the things that make the greatest memories.

And now please enjoy a collection of stills/photos from Up (mostly the Power Couple), just because.

One of my favourite movie moments EVER




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