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Once upon a time not so long ago I was a kid, as most people are at some point or another in their lives. Seeing as I’m only actually 23 years old (days away from 24, I’m not even joking), by law I was a minor a mere five (or is it six?) years ago, which seems absolutely crazy when you think that I’m now responsible for feeding myself three times a day, making my own appointments by phone (the bane of my life) and other more adult things like taxes and working and making sure I pay bills on time. Ugh.

Anyway, when I was an actual proper kid, and not an angst-ridden seventeen-year old resentful over being considered ‘a kid’ (lol, jk I was an angel of a teenager) , sometimes my mother would take us (us meaning my brother and I) to the Post Office to do post office-y things that seemed to take an age.

Despite having to queue in this boring little room that smelt like old people and stamps for at least 212 hours each visit when all I wanted was to go home and get cracking on the Disney & Me magazine, I didn’t actually mind going to the Post Office. Why? Because it meant I could steal a bunch of lottery tickets (not the actual ones, the ones you choose your numbers on) and take them home to fill out the form on the back of each and every one. A different name, a different address and a different contact number each and every time: none of them real people, obv. It was my guilty pleasure and the one thing that kept five-year old me from playing absolute havoc in that Post Office (again that’s a joke, I was an angel of a child too. Seriously – ask my mother) and on seeing that written in black and white I must confirm what my mother has been saying to me for my whole life – I am (or was) indeed a very strange child.

To this day, filling out forms still gives me a strange sense of satisfaction. I must be the only student in the history of studenthood who actually looked forward to Student Finance form-filling time coming around each year. Starting a new job and having to spend the first two days filling out forms is like Heaven for me. Honestly, my dream job would be just to stand at a border crossing and fill out everyone’s landing card things for them.

I don’t know why I keep doing this, but I swear when I started typing this thing out it really did seem relevant to this challenge, to this post. But now I’m almost 500 words in and can’t seem to connect the dots that used to be there but I’m too far in to delete it all now. Aaah.

I think the whole point was something along the lines of trying to illustrate how much I like writing things I’m told to write. If that makes sense? Those about me style quizzes that used to pop up on Facebook, Myspace and Bebo (REMEMBER BEBO??!) all those years ago were my absolute faves! I’d copy all the questions into a Word document, answer them all but never publish them. And if there weren’t any new ones popping up on the WWW, I’d even go so far as to hunt down new ones. I know, I was the coolest, you don’t need to tell me. So these kind of things, the Liebster Awards and the Sunshine Blogger and the challenges like this one right here are just up my street and I can’t say no.

Now that my unnecessary colossal introduction is out of the way, on to the Challenge…

To be honest, until BeXoxo nominated me (by email, I FREAKING LOVE GETTING EMAILS), I hadn’t heard of the 3 Day Quote Challenge. I googled it to try and find out what exactly it is, but found the ‘official‘ instructions really dry and boring, and the way BeXoxo and the person before her did it is waaay more fun and interesting so I’m going with that – Day 1: a book, Day 2: a film, Day 3: a song.

I didn’t even have to think about my book quote for day 1, I just knew straight away what it would be. I couldn’t have chosen anything other than this little slice of delectable literary genius by the brilliant and incomparable J.R.R. Tolkien:


So yeah, this may be a bit of a cheat as it’s more like chapter-size than quote size but seriously, just read it!

A poem featured in The Fellowship of the Ring, each and every line of this verse/paragraph/whatever it is speaks to me on so many levels! I find it more and more relatable every time I read it in full and always take something new away from it. The first two lines have been quoted on my About page since the very beginning of this blog’s life, and despite the many, many renovations the blog has had, the quote has always stayed. Because is there even a traveller out there who doesn’t relate to ‘not all those who wander are lost’?!

And the next few lines… ‘the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost’… genuinely sends shivers down my spine.

Just in case any further evidence of my adoration for this piece of writing is required, after a few too many days spent in an Israeli-only brothel-slash-hostel in Colombia doing a lot of things which I can’t mention on here for fear of being arrested, I decided it’d be a good idea to get the first line of the quote tattooed on my person. In Spanish. Yep.

No todo lo que brilla es oro, a rough translation of the line which I first came across on a street sign in Calca, Peru back in 2011, is now scrawled across my upper thigh and will be there forever more.

And my love for Tolkien and this verse in particular is so strong I don’t even regret it.

The inspiration for my tattoo: a sign in the middle of Calca, Peru.

Just a heads up for anybody who cares, I’ll be finishing up this challenge alongside my ‘planned’ (yeah, it’s not planned) posts for Blogtober, which of course means TWO WHOLE POSTS on some days. You lucky devils, you! And a quick shout out to Bexoxo, my nominator for this Challenge (thanks for making my inner 5 year old lover of forms and questionnaires so damn happy!) who’s currently writing her life in Timeline form on her blog. It’s seriously gripping, hard-hitting and emotional stuff, y’all should seriously give it a go.


  1. I was wondering about the direction you were heading, but it all makes sense now. Thanks for sharing! I really like what you chose. Can’t wait to see the others. 🙂

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Thank you! And thanks (Again) for nominating me. I had a lot of fun deciding and writing it, even if I did go off on a bit of a tangent…

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