In just under two months I’ll be hopping onto the Cardiff-London Heathrow National Express, throwing my backpack in the hold and setting off for the start of my however many months trip.

I say however many months because right now I have no tickets booked – not even my outbound journey. And I haven’t quite decided when I’ll be back. Realistically the clock is ticking, and if I leave it much longer the cost of a one-way ticket will likely equate the value of my parents’ house, but no matter how many times I check prices and routes Skyscanner, Kayak and various other sites, I keep putting it off. The reason being that as of yet, I’m kind of still undecided as to where I want to go.

The world is absolutely enormous, and there are so many possibilities.

Just last week I downloaded the been app, which lets you select all the countries you’ve ever been to and it’ll tell you what percentage of the world you’ve visited [it’s free! Download it!].

It turns out, my 22 countries counts as just 9% of the world. Nine percent.

Thinking about this, it just makes me want to go everywhere, and the decisions I made when plans for this trip first started floating about are now in doubt.

So far my very loose itinerary is this:

Fly LondonGoa, India

Travel overland to Kerala

Fly Kerala to Mexico

Somehow end up in Panama

Over to South America

Australia & NZ

Then… who knows? Maybe fly home, maybe explore a bit of Southeast Asia.

2017, You've Been Alright

As I said, my itinerary is extremely loose right now and even more flexible. If anybody has any recommendations of countries/cities/towns/experiences/anything really that would fit into the above route, let me know!


Hi, I'm Rhiannon and my name is Welsh, not Irish as many have been known to believe. You'll more often than not find me on some mode of public transportation, earphones in, book about serial killers in one hand and can of full-fat coke in the other. I have the heart and soul of a traveller but the bank account of Oliver Twist, which causes me deep pain if I'm completely honest.


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