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In just under two months I’ll be hopping onto the Cardiff-London Heathrow National Express, throwing my backpack in the hold and setting off for the start of my however many months trip.

I say however many months because right now I have no tickets booked – not even my outbound journey. And I haven’t quite decided when I’ll be back. Realistically the clock is ticking, and if I leave it much longer the cost of a one-way ticket will likely equate the value of my parents’ house, but no matter how many times I check prices and routes Skyscanner, Kayak and various other sites, I keep putting it off. The reason being that as of yet, I’m kind of still undecided as to where I want to go.

The world is absolutely enormous, and there are so many possibilities.

Just last week I downloaded the been app, which lets you select all the countries you’ve ever been to and it’ll tell you what percentage of the world you’ve visited [it’s free! Download it!].

It turns out, my 22 countries counts as just 9% of the world. Nine percent.

Thinking about this, it just makes me want to go everywhere, and the decisions I made when plans for this trip first started floating about are now in doubt.

So far my very loose itinerary is this:

Fly LondonGoa, India

Travel overland to Kerala

Fly Kerala to Mexico

Somehow end up in Panama

Over to South America

Australia & NZ

Then… who knows? Maybe fly home, maybe explore a bit of Southeast Asia.

As I said, my itinerary is extremely loose right now and even more flexible. If anybody has any recommendations of countries/cities/towns/experiences/anything really that would fit into the above route, let me know!


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