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Take three!

There have been a few factors arising recently that have completely changed my plans again.

Mainly, I am now completely alone with absolutely no long-term travel companions! This means of course that I have no deadline to be back in UK, which means I can extend my trip indefinitely. Or at least until the money runs out…

Which brings me to the next point, which is that I have been getting so much more freelance work than anticipated! In fact, I’m at a point now where my bank account is looking healthier than when I left the UK 2 months ago… what?!?! Ideally this will keep me going for a good few months longer! Right now I’m tentatively thinking about heading home in November, as opposed to the original September. I promised my stepdad I’d be home for Christmas, and so mid to late November would be the perfect time to get back just in time for the festive season to kick off!

So yeah, other than extending my trip there’s also been a slight amendment to my plan of attack.

If you read my post 2016 Travel Plans v.2 (of which I’m about half way through right now!) you’ll be aware that originally I as planning on heading over to Australia and New Zealand. Well that leg of the trip has now been scrapped in favour of going back to Sri Lanka in order to get an Indian visa (!!!) and using Kerala as a base to explore more of Asia (Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal etc..) and maybe even the Middle East (return flights to Qatar, Oman, UAE and Bahrain all <£200 so why the devil not!). Financially speaking, what I would have spent in 6 weeks in Aus & NZ would likely last the same amount of months in South East Asia, and I’d much rather explore the Outback and Hobbiton on their own separate trip, without any time constraints.

So now my immediate future looks (hopefully!) like this:

Fly LondonSri Lanka

Fly to Kerala, India

Fly Kerala to Brazil, with a one-day layover in Dubai

Travel through S America to Colombia – I am on this leg, in Chile 🙂

Island hop across to Panama

Somehow end up in Mexico

Fly to Los Angeles, USA for a long weekend

Back to Sri Lanka

Head ‘home’ to India hopefully early September

Take full advantage of cheap flights to Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal etc.

Fly back to UK from wherever I am!


    • Thanks! Have you been before? My all time favourite part of the world! So far anyway.

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