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… with less than 10k followers.

Should it be “travel Instagram accounts” or “Instagram travel accounts“? I feel like it should be the latter, but the first one rolls off the tongue way easier so that’s what I’m sticking to.

Please excuse me for sounding like a middle-aged mother of 3 trying to get down with the kids, but Instagram is my jam.

I love it.

I’ve mentioned before that the main reason I like it so much is because it’s the perfect platform to share my travel photos and stories without coming across as some self-obsessed, haha I’m on holiday and you’re not bragging type.

Stick a photo on FB of you sipping a cocktail on the beach in March and effing ‘ell, why you so selfish? Rubbing it in everyone’s faces like – who DO you think you are?!

But put the same photo on Instagram and the only people who see it are the ones who want to see it – who either follow you or who’ve searched for a hashtag you’ve used.

So yes, Instagram is my all-time fave.

And why less than 10k followers?

Well, because we all know the big guns and more often than not numbers don’t equate to quality. I mean, how often have you come across a flippin’ A****** Instagram/blog and then looked at their following and almost fallen off your chair in shock at how ‘low’ it is compared with that girl who keeps posting the same damn photos of her on a beach in a floppy hat?! Exactly my point.


Steph blogs about Newcastle and beyond over at and her Instagram account is how I wish my dreams would look tbh. But they don’t, which is sad for me. At the moment she’s taking her followers on a virtual trip to Mexico through her Tulum pictures, which are absolutely gorgeous!

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Natalie from Pastels and Passports adds a nice girly touch to my Instagram feed which is otherwise overrun by the green and blue hues typical of landscape shots. Every time I see a new photo of hers, I want to eat Love Hearts. She even somehow managed to make a seal look all pastel-y!


Jamie does that thing with Polaroids that I really really wanna do, but I don’t have a Polaroid camera nor any creativity so I guess I’ll have to live without. A Bite of Culture combines a love of food with a love of travel, and also took the best damn photo of spaghetti I’ve ever seen outside of a cookbook!

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The only male fella to grace the list, James from Only By Land has visited an impressive 102 countries only by land. Okay, so maybe “mostly” by land, I don’t know. Anyway, his Instagram showcases some incredible shots he’s taken along the way, and they’re all very spherical (don’t know the technical photography term, but you know what I mean, right?!) which is super unique and looks amazing.

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Believe it or not, the Caribbean has never been somewhere that’s called out to me to visit. It looks pretty, yes, but I’ve also always thought sitting on a beach all day isn’t much of a holiday. Then I came across Aisha’s blog – Island Girl in Transit – and Instagram, and my mind has been changed forever. Now I want nothing more than to go on a Caribbean cruise visiting all the islands.


Wayfarer Kate was (I think) one of the first ever blogs I followed back in the early days of my online life, and to this day it’s still one of my favourites. Kaitlyn recently finished up a few semesters teaching in South Korea and has just headed back to do it all over again. Her pictures – a lot of which involve a selfie stick – are kind of solo travel goals for me.

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So this is a bit of a cheat seeing as Sarah is my actual friend in the real world as well as online, but even if she wasn’t I’d still think her Instagram is pretty darn awesome. Her and her lovely fella Bob are halfway through a year-long globe-trotting adventure and are currently in Hong Kong (I think!). They’ve recently started a blog to document their travels, which can be found here although it’s not quite up-to-date with them yet!


Natasha, the girl behind World Inside My Pocket is based in Lyon right now (for studies…I think?) and uses her Instagram to give a glimpse of everyday French life beyond the Eiffel Tower and Louvre, and oh my word I love it! The use of some sort of magic filter makes everything look so uniform and rustic, and makes what some may consider somewhat mundane scenes into something you want to sit and stare at for about an hour.


What I really, really like when it comes to blog-associated Instagram accounts is to be able to see the person behind the account every once in a while (says the girl who, like, never posts photos of herself). It’s hard to get the right balance, though. You don’t want to go on a selfie/portrait overload and make yourself seem egotistical but at the same time you don’t really want to emulate Nat Geo. Anyway, Charlotte from Lulu Escapes has hit the nail bang on the head! She also took a really nice photo of one of Sven’s longlost cousins.


Archana’s Instagram features not only breath-taking photos of a side of India most tourists don’t get to see, but also snaps from her travels around the world including Finland, Japan, Cambodia and more! Her captions are some of the most informative I’ve ever come across but if you still need more her blog can be found over at Travel See Write.

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BONUS! @stteyaja aka ME!

I know, this is the biggest cheat of them all. BUT in my defence I’m currently in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been so if you’re not already following my Instagram, you probably should…

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  1. Sylvanmist Reply

    I also fell in love with Instagram when I first started using it last year..I know, I’m a bit of a late comer to it lol. But it’s just so much fun being able to easily post a picture with some info, and look quickly at so many other people’s pics! It can be pretty addicting too lol. These are some nice instagram accounts to follow here! That effect in the photos from “Only By Land” is most likely taken with a Fish Eye lens. It’s a VERY wide angle lens that will curve or distort the image like that. I followed your account too–really nice pics! Check me out too if you want, I’m @sylvanmist on there! 🙂

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Haha, not at all! I only really started ‘properly’ using it last April! And by properly, I mean more than a few blurry photos of my ice cream. SO addictive!

      Ah, fish eye!!! Of course! Thank you, I’m actually already following you 😀

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with Insta. I must admit I am a recent convert often growing up on a steady diet of FB but yes the haters are real over there lol. I love every one of these accounts and will head over and follow along. Maybe while I’m there I’ll unfollow those that are posting way to many cat videos for my liking lol

    • rhiydwi Reply

      With you on the cat video hating. They’re not even cute! Puppies on the other hand…

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Thanks for the recommendation! Just followed her – love the feed! Tbh I much prefer those who aren’t trying to be the next big thaaang & just post photos they like/are proud of.

  3. This is a great list. I too love checking out instagram photos because it feels less obnoxious than shoving them in people’s faces all over facebook. And these accounts look great. Always love when people share the love and connect with new people. I will check out some of these accounts for sure.

    • rhiydwi Reply

      I know right?! My aunt is constantly telling me I need to put photos on FB so she “knows I’m okay” but it just feels too weird! Instagram on the other hand…;)

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Haha, I will not be held responsible for any accidental flight ticket purchases in the near future.

  4. I love Instagram and I usually prefer to follow people with a smaller following because honestly sometimes big-time instagrammers are obnoxious (or maybe I just find it obnoxious when someone is hugely successful with mediocre photos. Or maybe I’m just jealous.) My biggest Instagram pet peeve is people who play follow/unfollow to grow their account. It just doesn’t seem like a good use of time. And it’s kind of rude. *rant over*

    Anyway, thank you for sharing these lovely accounts! I will check them out.

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Oh girl, I laughed out loud reading your comment – it was as if reading my own thoughts! Totally with you on the f/uf game. I understand there’s a need to “put yourself out there” if you want to be noticed, but isn’t that what sponsored posts are for?!

  5. These are a fantastic range of accounts to follow – some I already follow already. I find Instagram a great source of inspiration, plus it’s a fantastic way to showcase your own brand. It’s also such a great way to connect with others in the industry. Great roundup post!

  6. You’ve picked out some really great accounts here – I think there are just so many travel accounts (or just accounts in general) on Insta that it can hard get noticed – but like you say, you followers want to see your pics so that’s half the battle won!

  7. I prefer Instagram over Facebook too as like you said they are visible to more people. My favorite account here (other than Only By Land and yours of course) is Island girl in transit. I love the colorful Caribbean photos. I do use a fish eye lens for some of my pictures 😉

    • rhiydwi Reply

      Aisha’s photos make me green-eyed with envy every single time! Hahah thanks for the confirmation. Can you tell I don’t know which side of the camera is up? ;P

  8. These IG accounts are all awesome! I checked a few travel accounts, and their photos are all swoon worthy. By the way, I followed you on your IG account. 🙂

  9. Hi there,

    Thanks a lot. I had no idea I was featured here. Just came across this article while searching for something else.

    Really appreciate the effort of putting together a great list.


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